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Top 5 Dating Sites

Online dating is generally knows as finding someone by using internet through various dating site or social networking site. So that they can have romantic relation with each other .Online dating is a personal introductory system in which person can find and contact each other over these sites . Online dating is getting quite popular as every individual are connected through social media such as Facebook , twitter and so on. We have listed Top 5 Dating Sites further in this article.

top 5 online dating

Online dating sites users need to provide personal information, to search the service provider’s database for other user. Most of the relationship in this time are through social media or various dating sites. There are various dating site which have their own system of arranging date to their member. Some of them are free whereas other charges in monthly basis for service they provide. Following are some of the popular and used dating sites.

TOP 5 Dating Sites

Top 5 Dating Sites


Match Dating Site

Match.com is one of the popular online dating site that have a user base of around 17 million active monthly user. This site was launched in 1995. This site has Guinness World Record for being the largest dating sites in the world in 2004. The key feature of match.com is advanced search features that enable user to sort their profile according to life style such as work and exercise . User can also search according to their physical appearance such as eye color and hair color.


OkCupid top 5 Dating Site

OkCupid is free online dating site which means you don’t have to pay any charge to see more match to unlock features that makes this site interesting. This dating sites is an American based online dating site which was establish in 2004. You are needed to provided certain info when you first join, including your location and relationship status and other is optional. The key feature offer by okcupid online dating site is that it is free to use . The advertisements you are subjected to do not distract complete experience of using this site.


tinder dating site

Its  a bit less of a comprehensive dating site that user might think of one . Tinder is more to the point compare to many other dating site. You need Facebook to login to this site. Tinder extracts data from Facebook like , share information to help match you up with other member of that site. The key feature is this site is it can only be used by mobile app (iOS and Android). User are presented with picture for each of possible match. It is one of the known dating site among Top 5 Dating sites.

Plenty of Fish

pof dating site

Plenty of Fish simply known as POF tries to ease of use of simpler matching service with some of the brain. It is widely used  free dating site in the world and have over 45 million user from different country . POF was launched in 2003, this sites clam that 1 million daily visits on average. The key feature of this site is “Relationship Needs Assessments”, which is an optional test you can take based on what type of potential partner you are looking for .


MeetMe dating site

This site is also known as my yearbook.com .In 2001, myyearbook was bought by Quepasa and launched as meetme.com. The key feature of this site is that this site has unique way of interacting process between member for example dating and relationship based games like rate me, two truth and a lie and so on. It is one of the known dating site among Top 5 Dating sites.

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Top 10 Online dating sites

Top 10 Online Dating Sites

Online Dating means finding the someone who are in a distant, connect with them through various dating site or social networking site so that they can have a romantic relationship with each other for longer time. Online dating site has been one of the most common ways for finding the life partner and a good way for time passing for some people. Most of the relationships in current time are made through online dating sites or social networking. There are numerous online dating sites. Some of them provide free services where as some sites charges in monthly basis for the services. Top 10 Online Dating Sites among the other popular online dating sites are mentioned further in this article.

Top 10 Online Dating Sites

  1. Plenty of FishTop 10 Online dating sites

Plenty of Fish is one of the most popular online dating site which ranks 1st in Top 10 Online dating sites and it takes online dating to a whole new level with POF relationship chemistry test to find the match the perfect ones for the members. This site is completely free dating site but to access all the feature, you have to subscribe the site and pay in a monthly basis. It has more than 80 million users and the members are increasing in the rate of 50 thousand weekly.

  1. eHarmonyTop 10 Online dating sites

eHarmony is an online dating site which matches a single men and women with each other for long term relationships. This site has its own eHarmony labs, relationship research facility and eHarmony advice column for optimizing the matching process among the members. This site was founded in 2000 and it has more than 50 million users.

  1. Match.comTop 10 Online dating sites

Match.com is an online dating service provider which serves in multiple countries with 8 different languages. This site was launched in 1995. This site set the Guinness World Records by being the largest dating site in the world in 2004. At that time it had the members about 42 million users.

  1. MyYearBook.com


It is one of the best online dating sites for a single. It has over 20 million users around the world and it was merged with meetme.com in 2009. You can join this site and search for your match for free but for connecting with them you have to subscribe.

  1. Zoosk.comTop 10 Online dating sites

Zoosk is an internationally popular online dating site which has huge number of members. To find the match through this site you don’t have to follow longer steps for log in. You can log in the site by using your Facebook too but if you want to have log in id with your email you can also sign up with your email.

  1. Chemistry.comTop 10 Online dating sites

Chemistry.com is another online dating site which was launched in 2006. This site is associated with the Match.com, a popular online dating site. Chemistry.com uses various compatibility and chemistry taste for matching the members. This site mainly focuses on long term relationship for the members.

  1. OkCupid.comTop 10 Online dating sites

Okcupid is one of the popular site for finding the date for an individual. This site is an American based online dating, friendship and social networking site and was established in 2004.  This site was started in 2004. This site supports multiple modes of communication such as IM (Instant Messages) and emails. It has more than 3.5 million users.

  1. MuddyMatches.co.uk


This site is for those person who likes to find the partners who shares common interests or lifestyle and who are wanting to have long relationship. It has more than 130000 members and they all have one common interests and that is they love the countryside.

  1. MeetMe.comTop 10 Online dating sites

Meetme.com was known as MyYearbook.com. In 2001 MyYearbook was acquired by Quepasa and renamed it as Meetme.com. This site has unique way of interacting process between users such as dating and relationship based games like rate me, two truths and a lie, and others.

  1. LoveStruck.comTop 10 Online dating sites

Lovestruck.com ranking in the last among the Top 10 Online Dating Sites helps you to find the partners by using the location of the user. It finds the match near its member so that the can save the time of travelling and dating. It you want to find the person in or near your city then this site is one of the best options.