Top Dating Apps

Top Dating Apps make the Online Dating more fun and easy. This has been an easy method to connect nearby singles and manage to go on a date. Different dating sites are available on the internet which allows you to add people you like, chat with them, flirt them, and go on a date. Dating through the dating app is easier. With the app, all the singles nearby will be at your fingertips. You can choose a person you like and manage to go on a date with them.


There are some top dating apps which are very useful for you if you want to find a perfect match. You can search, download and install some of the popular apps on your devices. You just need to create an account,  set up your profile, search and find a perfect match for you.And after that, you can flirt with them, and manage to go on a date with him or her.

Some of the Top Dating Apps

Play The Game of Love

Play The Game of Love

You can search, find and install the app on your devices and start finding the perfect mate for you. This app is very easy to use and you can enjoy connecting with every single you find in your locality and put them at your fingertips. This app has made your internet dating easier and helps you enjoy it more. The name of the app is also attractive and works as its name. You can install this app on your android, iOS, Mac and windows devices.

OkCupid (Android, iOS)

OkCupid top dating app

OkCupid is very famous on its own as it has massive users base and the dating tools are straightforward. The new and updating features have made the app more efficient and people always like this app for dating with singles around. The ‘flavors’ feature has attracted people so much as users can view evocative flavors of potential matches quickly with this feature. The Instagram integration, personality quizzes, messaging tools and its other old favorites has made the users easy and attracted towards it. You can also see the users who have liked you and the search tool is astonishing. This app is available on android and iOS devices. You can search it on the google play store and apple store to download and install it. Check this link if are have any problem on OkCupid Login process.

Tinder (Android, iOS)

Tinder dating app

It is a popular swipe and scroll dating app with a greater number of users. You can make some judgments about your partners through this dating app. Along with that, you can find the singles around, flirt with them and hang with them. You can create a simple profile through it and upload photos as much as you like.

All the single in your area are displayed in the app and you can add them to your account. You can swipe the photo to the right whom you like and swipe the photo to the left if you do not like them. And you can also send messages through the app. You can upload your profile picture from your phone. This app also allows GIF messaging and like the chat texts or messages. The app is available for android and iOS devices. You can search it on the google play store and apple store to download and install it.

Hinge (Android, iOS)


The Hinge is one of the popular top dating apps. It also introduces the people who are the mutual friends on the Facebook. People can log into this site via entering preferences, Facebook accounts, age, location and sexual orientation. This app supplies you potential matches at noon every day. As the mutual friends are listed, it will help you to reduce the jerk acts. The app is available for android and iOS devices. You can search it on the google play store and apple store to download and install it.

Coffee Meets Bagel (Android, iOS)


This top dating app aims mainly on quality rather than quantity. It brings you a single ‘bagel’ every day. It shows the mutual friends of your Facebook account. With the app learning from your preferences, you can decide whether you like or pass within twenty-four hours. The Coffee Meets Bagel brings two people together in a private chatroom if both of them express interest with each other. Through the private chatroom, you can get to know each other and manage to go on a date. You can also view all the mutual friends by purchasing the feature with beans. “Beans” is a virtual currency for Coffee Meets Bagel. The app is available for android and iOS devices. You can search it on the google play store and apple store to download and install it.

Grindr (Android, iOS)

Grindr Gay Dating app

Grindr is one the most popular top dating apps available in the market. The Grindr app is mainly focused on the gay and bisexual men. It helps them to bring them close and give a chance to meet each other. The users can upload their profile picture with a username and choose their type. The users can search their type and chat with them in person. This app is free to use. The ads are supported but Grindr Xtra is free of ads and makes the browsing easy with a feature of adding multiple tribes. The search filters here are advanced. The app is available for android and iOS devices. You can search it on the google play store and apple store to download and install it.

Match(Android, iOS)

Match top dating app

Match is one of those top dating apps, which  is free for its users and experience premium dating on iOS and android devices. The user can set his or her online profile by uploading pictures; this app is very popular in flirting with people and manages to go on a date. The new matches which this app feels the best are delivered daily. You can also check and see the people who have seen your profile. The available add-ons of this app are Android Wear, Tinder-like Mixer, and Apple Watch integration.

These are the top dating apps in which you can join by creating an account where you can search and find people nearby, add them to your list, chat with them, flirt them and manage to go on a date. You can install on your iOS and android devices which will allow you to keep your dating mates at your fingertips.


Online Dating Tips

Online Dating Tips

Online Dating is the process of searching and finding a romantic or sexual partner on the internet through various networking site or we can say through different online dating site. With the development in technology, the dating environment and dating experience has been changed. People used to have direct face to face dates. People can now make friend request through social networking site, chat with them and if they like they can start dating online and if things seems to be going well, then they meet them live and move forward in relationship. This article we have written the online dating tips with the years of reasearch.Online Dating Tips

Online dating seems easier now a day. Because there is less chance of rejection as there are various dating site, which matches the similar people and also they provide such an environment for the date finders so that they don’t have to face any rejection situation. They always match the individuals with the perfect ones and for that they use various things as a main factor such as interest, professions, ages, etc.Online Dating Tips

However, if you are trying to have a date through such dating sites, it is not sure that you will get a person to date. For finding the perfect match for you, you need to have some qualities in you and your profile. Below are the few online dating tips which are required for a single to find a good match for him or her.

Some Interesting Online Dating Tips

  1. Have A Better ProfileOnline Dating Tips

Your profile is one of the most important factors for having a perfect date for you. As it contains all your information and biographical information about yourself, your photographs and other details about yourself, everyone will be looking into it.  If someone finds you in dating site and you are suggested to the person as a perfect match, then the first thing they do is view your profile and then she will think about whether or not she would date with you. So always try to keep your profile very attractive. Make your profile short and sweet without any nonsense info and status about yourself.

  1. Don’t Lose Your MindOnline Dating Tips

This is an important online dating tips, for finding a perfect one for you, it might take a long time. Have patience in you and keep on trying until you find the one for you. Don’t lose hope and start begging for the date in dating site. As there are many like you who are trying to find date, you will obviously find the one for you. You must sometimes have to believe in luck and fate.

  1. Be Ready For Being Rejected and To RejectOnline Dating Tips

While trying to find the one for you online, you are fishing in the ocean along with other competitor. So you have to be ready for rejecting and to be rejected. If you get rejected, you will find other who is better and more perfect than the person and also if you don’t like someone and if someone approaches to you and you don’t like, have balls to reject them as they sill also find the someone better.

  1. Use Recent and Real Profile PictureOnline Dating Tips

Profile picture is also important part of online dating tips. Avoid using profile picture of stars and cartoons. Be yourself and find the date by being yourself.

  1. Expect Some Dishonesty From OthersOnline Dating Tips

While dating online, don’t expect someone to be completely honest. No one will be honest with you in first meeting and neither will you. Little dishonest is a kind of excusable excuses while dating online. So be prepared to face little dishonesty from you probable partner.

Top 10 Online dating sites

Top 10 Online Dating Sites

Online Dating means finding the someone who are in a distant, connect with them through various dating site or social networking site so that they can have a romantic relationship with each other for longer time. Online dating site has been one of the most common ways for finding the life partner and a good way for time passing for some people. Most of the relationships in current time are made through online dating sites or social networking. There are numerous online dating sites. Some of them provide free services where as some sites charges in monthly basis for the services. Top 10 Online Dating Sites among the other popular online dating sites are mentioned further in this article.

Top 10 Online Dating Sites

  1. Plenty of FishTop 10 Online dating sites

Plenty of Fish is one of the most popular online dating site which ranks 1st in Top 10 Online dating sites and it takes online dating to a whole new level with POF relationship chemistry test to find the match the perfect ones for the members. This site is completely free dating site but to access all the feature, you have to subscribe the site and pay in a monthly basis. It has more than 80 million users and the members are increasing in the rate of 50 thousand weekly.

  1. eHarmonyTop 10 Online dating sites

eHarmony is an online dating site which matches a single men and women with each other for long term relationships. This site has its own eHarmony labs, relationship research facility and eHarmony advice column for optimizing the matching process among the members. This site was founded in 2000 and it has more than 50 million users.

  1. Match.comTop 10 Online dating sites is an online dating service provider which serves in multiple countries with 8 different languages. This site was launched in 1995. This site set the Guinness World Records by being the largest dating site in the world in 2004. At that time it had the members about 42 million users.



It is one of the best online dating sites for a single. It has over 20 million users around the world and it was merged with in 2009. You can join this site and search for your match for free but for connecting with them you have to subscribe.

  1. Zoosk.comTop 10 Online dating sites

Zoosk is an internationally popular online dating site which has huge number of members. To find the match through this site you don’t have to follow longer steps for log in. You can log in the site by using your Facebook too but if you want to have log in id with your email you can also sign up with your email.

  1. Chemistry.comTop 10 Online dating sites is another online dating site which was launched in 2006. This site is associated with the, a popular online dating site. uses various compatibility and chemistry taste for matching the members. This site mainly focuses on long term relationship for the members.

  1. OkCupid.comTop 10 Online dating sites

Okcupid is one of the popular site for finding the date for an individual. This site is an American based online dating, friendship and social networking site and was established in 2004.  This site was started in 2004. This site supports multiple modes of communication such as IM (Instant Messages) and emails. It has more than 3.5 million users.


This site is for those person who likes to find the partners who shares common interests or lifestyle and who are wanting to have long relationship. It has more than 130000 members and they all have one common interests and that is they love the countryside.

  1. MeetMe.comTop 10 Online dating sites was known as In 2001 MyYearbook was acquired by Quepasa and renamed it as This site has unique way of interacting process between users such as dating and relationship based games like rate me, two truths and a lie, and others.

  1. LoveStruck.comTop 10 Online dating sites ranking in the last among the Top 10 Online Dating Sites helps you to find the partners by using the location of the user. It finds the match near its member so that the can save the time of travelling and dating. It you want to find the person in or near your city then this site is one of the best options.

Meet Me


MeetMe is one of the most popular online dating site which was founded by three people Adele, David Cook, and Catherine. The site was first known as myYearbook until myYearbook is merged with Quespa Corporation in 2011. The main purpose of this site is to help its members to discover new people, chat with them and have quality time pass with the person you like. The main headquarter of this site is located in New Hope, Pennsylvania.Meet Me

Meet Me focuses and provides the services that are best for your mobile devices. More than 80 percent of Meet Me login are made through the mobile devices. This site is accessed by more than more than one million users daily. You can use your Facebook account or you can use your registered email address to login to your account. Only registered members are allowed to access this site and have fun. You can also download mobile apps for using this site in your mobile set and apps are available for almost all mobile sets and you can download it from the respective app stores.Meet Me

Features of MeetMe

meetme features

This site provides different features and services for the users. This is more like other social networking sites but was designed to help an individual to meet with more persons, communicate with them and have fun without any charge. You can get following meetme features by using this site.

  • Meet New People

meetme meet now

You can meet new people easily. Once you login this site you will get feeds from different other users in your home page. You can see different users profile and send them friend request without any charge. You can manage your feeds according to your interests. For example you can get feeds from only your friends, or persons who are near your location or everyone or only your posts.

  • Have Communication with Any Person

meetme message

There is no need to spend any cent or pay anything for communicating with the users in this site. You can communicate with any users in your feed without any charge. You can directly communicate by liking and commenting on their photos.

  • Upload Your Picture and Update Status

meetme profile pic

Images are something that is cared and noticed by most of the person. You can get noticed by the members by uploading the picture and get more chance to meet the new ones.

  • Filter Feeds in Your Profile

meetme news feeds

You can also filter the feeds in your profile wall. You can filter the profiles to display according to the age, gender and location of the members. For example you can choose only males or females or both profiles in your news feed and you can also limit the age difference of the profile that will be displayed in your screen.

MeetMe provides its basic services and features for free. But there is also some extra features which can be accessed only by premium users. For upgrading to premium account you can use your credits. With the premium account you will get more chance to meet more people faster by increasing your visibility on the site and boosting your popularity. You can get more chance to meet the millions of new people by upgrading to premium.

meetme credits

If you want to have more credits, you can use your real money or you can earn the credits by playing and creating the accounts. To have free credits you have to install several games in your mobile set and each installation will be provided with credits. Or you can simply buy the credits by your credit cards or PayPal account. You can get credits in various rate. For example you can get 625 credits for $ 9.99, 250 for $ 4.99 and etc. This site has automatic refill system of credits so if you are paying for credit, you have to disable it or your credit will be automatically refilled once your credit is below 50 and your balance in your credit card and PayPal will be reduced.

MeetMe Review

Meet Me

MeetMe is one of the good platforms for meeting new people every day and meeting them and having good time. Users have different good experiences and few bad reviews about this site. Some of them are:

Positive Review

  • This site is very easy and free to join and there is no adds in this site
  • You can get access to it from your mobile devices as it is very mobile friendly
  • You can freely send and receive messages from and to every members

Negative Review

  • When you are using it with mobile apps there are lots of annoying ads
  • The profile of the person in this site is basic and so you can’t know the person in detail
  • More fake profiles than those who are serious

Online Dating Tips for New Users

Today, there are many Online Dating Sites available and some of there are free and some are paid. Online dating means finding the date over internet that offers the feature to search, find and meet the date. The dating websites can be used from both computers and mobiles. These dating sites also offers its application including the various feature to meet the singles. It is not guaranteed that you will find or you will be able to meet the other single persons immediately after you create an account in the online dating sites. Most importantly for the new users it might be very frustrating to find and to get connected with the other single members. Followings are some of the Online Dating Tips for new users to easily get connected with the other users of the dating site.

Online Dating Tips

Some of the Online Dating Tips for New Users

  • Register Your Account in the Appropriate Dating SiteOnline dating tips for new members

Today, you can find the many online dating site available over the internet. All the sites offers the different features. You should choose the perfect site that offers the features according to your requirements.

  • Clean ProfileOnline dating tips for new users

Your profile needs to be attractive. You should always keep attractive and recent profile picture in your profile. Make sure your profile includes the complete information about your personal details. When you invite other for the date and when someone looks to contact you, they will first look into your profile. So, keep your profile attractive.

  • Respect Others

Dating Tips

You should always respect others. When sending the message, it should not dis-respect others. Always respect other’s feelings.

  • Find the Perfect Match

perfect match

Many dating sites offers the feature to send the message to various members. Always try to invite the people who has common interests like you. If you send the messages without knowing their interest, there is a high chance of your message not being replied.

  • MessagesOnline dating tips for new users

When you create an account in the online dating sites, you will get the message from the many people. You do not need to reply all the messages. View the profile of the message sender and reply him/her with the polite message.

If you are being unable to get your perfect match in the online dating site, then the above online dating tips for new users might be very helpful.