MeetMe is one of the most popular online dating site which was founded by three people Adele, David Cook, and Catherine. The site was first known as myYearbook until myYearbook is merged with Quespa Corporation in 2011. The main purpose of this site is to help its members to discover new people, chat with them and have quality time pass with the person you like. The main headquarter of this site is located in New Hope, Pennsylvania.Meet Me

Meet Me focuses and provides the services that are best for your mobile devices. More than 80 percent of Meet Me login are made through the mobile devices. This site is accessed by more than more than one million users daily. You can use your Facebook account or you can use your registered email address to login to your account. Only registered members are allowed to access this site and have fun. You can also download mobile apps for using this site in your mobile set and apps are available for almost all mobile sets and you can download it from the respective app stores.Meet Me

Features of MeetMe

meetme features

This site provides different features and services for the users. This is more like other social networking sites but was designed to help an individual to meet with more persons, communicate with them and have fun without any charge. You can get following meetme features by using this site.

  • Meet New People

meetme meet now

You can meet new people easily. Once you login this site you will get feeds from different other users in your home page. You can see different users profile and send them friend request without any charge. You can manage your feeds according to your interests. For example you can get feeds from only your friends, or persons who are near your location or everyone or only your posts.

  • Have Communication with Any Person

meetme message

There is no need to spend any cent or pay anything for communicating with the users in this site. You can communicate with any users in your feed without any charge. You can directly communicate by liking and commenting on their photos.

  • Upload Your Picture and Update Status

meetme profile pic

Images are something that is cared and noticed by most of the person. You can get noticed by the members by uploading the picture and get more chance to meet the new ones.

  • Filter Feeds in Your Profile

meetme news feeds

You can also filter the feeds in your profile wall. You can filter the profiles to display according to the age, gender and location of the members. For example you can choose only males or females or both profiles in your news feed and you can also limit the age difference of the profile that will be displayed in your screen.

MeetMe provides its basic services and features for free. But there is also some extra features which can be accessed only by premium users. For upgrading to premium account you can use your credits. With the premium account you will get more chance to meet more people faster by increasing your visibility on the site and boosting your popularity. You can get more chance to meet the millions of new people by upgrading to premium.

meetme credits

If you want to have more credits, you can use your real money or you can earn the credits by playing and creating the accounts. To have free credits you have to install several games in your mobile set and each installation will be provided with credits. Or you can simply buy the credits by your credit cards or PayPal account. You can get credits in various rate. For example you can get 625 credits for $ 9.99, 250 for $ 4.99 and etc. This site has automatic refill system of credits so if you are paying for credit, you have to disable it or your credit will be automatically refilled once your credit is below 50 and your balance in your credit card and PayPal will be reduced.

MeetMe Review

Meet Me

MeetMe is one of the good platforms for meeting new people every day and meeting them and having good time. Users have different good experiences and few bad reviews about this site. Some of them are:

Positive Review

  • This site is very easy and free to join and there is no adds in this site
  • You can get access to it from your mobile devices as it is very mobile friendly
  • You can freely send and receive messages from and to every members

Negative Review

  • When you are using it with mobile apps there are lots of annoying ads
  • The profile of the person in this site is basic and so you can’t know the person in detail
  • More fake profiles than those who are serious

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